Level-D Simulations: The 767

With years of develpment and research, Level-D's upcoming 767 project will be one of the most amazing product releases for the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform. Designed by the same development team that worked on the famous 767 "Pilot in Command" releases, this version for FS2004 has many new features, systems, and extras to make this a quite remarkable product. It is not just a simple drop-in aircraft, but an entire suite of components that function together in order to give you the most accurate simulation experience possible.

Here are some of the newest features that are not in earlier releases from this development team... Note: Some of these items have never been seen before in a flight simulation product!

Aircraft Visual Model:

  • R.A.T. deployment animation.
  • EVERY outside lightings tied to the power busses and dedicated switches.
  • High quality livery textures in a choice of 32bits or DXT3 formats.
  • Apu door, aileron droop, moving wipers (two speeds).
  • Entry & cargo doors with corresponding EICAS messages.
  • Flex wing

Aircraft Flight Model:

  • Aircraft performance calculated directly from flight model parameters.
  • Accurate thrust/drag modeling.
  • Real world Engine Out performance.
  • Weight & Balance calculations / Load Manage

Virtual Cockpit:

  • Independent captain & F/O gauges, tied to their respective power busses, IRU & EFIS.
  • Gauges fully functional and clickable.
  • Two different interior lightings.
  • moving wipers (two speeds).
  • Reflective windows (optional).


  • New FMC pages (DIVERT).
  • Winds aloft forecast entries.
  • Special/conditional waypoints simulations for SIDS/STARS/Approaches.
  • SIDS/STARS/Approaches procedure creation within FMC.
  • New VNAV logic.
  • Accurate Cost Index calculations for LRC/ECON speeds.


  • Enhanced AUTOLAND logic (ex. inertial landing if ILS signal lost).
  • More realistic Flight Director: T/O mode enhanced and right F/D added.
  • NAV2 receiver gauge added (with working AUTO/MAN mode).
  • A/P disconnection switch (as on yoke).
  • A/T disconnection switch (as on throttles).
  • Activation of mouse wheel for easier MCP windows settings.


  • Cabin pressurization gauge & logic fully implemented.
  • Cabin temperature control fully implemented.
  • Flap load relief protection logic.
  • Programmation of engine failures triggered by speed (V1/V2/Vr).
  • New failures (with the possibility to hide the programmed failures to
    create « check flights »).
  • Aural alert for « IRU on DC » condition.
  • Simulation of Left, Center & Right EFIS.
  • Full TCAS logic (with traffic display on EHSI).
  • Overhaul of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.
  • New carrier options.

Radios & Communications:

  • Independent NAV1, NAV2 & ILS radios (that means three NAV receivers !)
  • 2 VHF + 2 HF Radios (tunable on UCT stations).
  • Enhanced ground crew dialogs: interphone connection, ground calls,
    pushback procedure and ground horn.
  • Cabin crew calls simulation.
  • Functional audio panel (on pedestal).
  • New Transponder with TCAS controls.


  • New very smooth GDI+ based CRT displays.
  • More accurate rendition of CRTs.
  • New 2-D panels (F/O, MCP & mini panel)
  • New Overhead panel with many new features.
  • Basic virtual First Officer.
  • Multiple voices sets for Captain, F/O, Ground & Cabin crew.
  • More custom configuration options
     Check back often for more information! Do note that features and specifications are subject to change.