Prepar3D v3 and Windows 10 Compatibility Update

This update provides compatibility with Prepar3D as well as the fixes for Windows 10 that were recently released. Make sure you already have the 767 version 1.42a (SP2) installed. Reinstalling the full version from is recommended, however if you only want the update you can use this installer.

>> Click here to download the version 1.50 update (12.9 MB)

The FSX service packs below are not likely needed unless you have a very old installation of the 767 for FSX

Service Pack 2a (FSX Version)

IMPORTANT: You must already have Service Pack 1 installed (1.41) prior to installing this update. You can check your current version by running the Check for Updates feature in your Start/Programs/Flight One Software/Level-D 767-300 for FSX menu.

>> Click here to download Sevice Pack 2 (6.7 MB)

Service Pack 1 (FSX Version)

Service Pack 1 for the FSX version is now available. Required if you have a very early version of the product.

>> Click here to download Sevice Pack 1 (26.6 MB)


Legacy Downloads for the FS9 (FS2004) version

The FS9 version is no longer supported. You can click the link below for all legacy FS9 downloads.

>> Legacy FS9 Downloads



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