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    Posted: 11-17-2007 at 1:46am
4 December 2008
Level-D Simulations 767 for FSX
Current version 1.4.2a

Changes & Additional Features
767 for FSX (release 1.4.0)
Level-D module 
- Improved "Import Panel Data"
- Added “Load FMC data” to import panel data dialog
- Added engine status, flaps, gear, speed brake, radios, trim & barometric settings imported with panel data
- Extended turn range for pushback ( from -150° to +150° ) 
- FSX pushback truck synchronized with the pushback dialog

- FMC VNAV descent behaviour based on the Pegasus version of the FMC
- VNAV descent compensates for WINDS
- VNAV descent code handles any combination of altitude constraints (AT, AT/ABOVE, AT/BELOW)
- VNAV slows before descending when initial descent speed is slower than cruise speed
- Fixed SIDs being deleted when approach was selected
- Fixed proper selection of STAR runway transitions when runway was changed
- Fixed ALTN airport STARs & approaches were missing on ARR page
- Fixed selecting NONE for approach transitions crash
- Fixed IDENT page info with situation load

- Right ADF & ILS now powered by the Standby AC bus
- Left VHF Comm now powered by the Standby DC bus
- Standby Comm freqs now saved & restored with flights
- Fixed wrong rudder trim dynamic tooltip indication
- Added an aileron trim dynamic tooltip

- Left RDMI lighting, needles and compass card now powered by the Standby AC Bus
- Right RDMI lighting, needles and compass card now powered by the Right Main AC Bus
- VOR L & ADF R now powered by the Standby AC Bus
- VOR R & DME R now powered by the Right Main AC Bus
- ADF L & DME L now powered by the Left Main AC Bus

Flight Model
- Modified flight model to real world climb performance

Visual Model
- New FSX visual model
- Light bloom feature
- Old FS9 liveries are fully compatible 

Virtual Cockpit
- New gauge illumination effect
- Added camera points of view

- Deleted 2D Cockpit Side/Back views. FSX does not support bitmap views
- Hidden clickspot for setting airspeed bugs now active from the VC 

- RDMIs: VOR/ADF flags show and pointers INOP when source data is not available
- EHSIs: ADF pointers do not display when source data is not available
- Manual settings for NAV1/NAV2 receivers are restored when switching from AUTO to MAN
- Updated default Level-D keyboard commands for FSX compatibility
- Fixed unwanted RAT deployment while loading a flight
- Level-D menu items are now dynamic (they disappear when they were grayed in FS2004)
- A/T will maintain Flight Idle ~32% in all AT modes
- Fixed the A/T going to IDLE in VNAV_PATH cruise if above cruise altitude

- Enhanced Pilot’s manual including comprehensive tutorial flight
- Start-up flight for the tutorial included (see FSX Missions)

Level-D SDK
- Fixed SPD light on Aerosoft’s MCP when FLCH is in altitude capture mode
- Fixed Clock Elapsed Timer state (left and right)
- Updated LVLD_SDK headers for C++ compatibility
- Added “L:LVLDAutobrakes” xml read/write variable

Configuration Manager
- Updated and revised for FSX. Instructions included with utility & manual documentation

Repaint Manager
- Updated and revised for FSX. Instructions included with utility & manual documentation

767-SP1 for FSX Service Pack 2 (release 1.4.1):
Here are the changes in this update (also see the Manual Addendum installed to your Level-D 767-300 for FSX menu).

- FIXED descent path wrong when a conditional waypoint was the end of idle descent.
- FIXED AT was not holding speed in VNAV PATH approach submode.
- FIXED descent restriction alt wasn't being considered in some cases.
- FIXED hard alt restrictions on runway extension points caused incorrect descent profile.
- FIXED consecutive duplicate alt restrictions would caused incorrect prediction of T/D.
- FIXED all waypoints were sometimes wiped out when selecting rwy then star.
- FIXED MCP alt can now be set above aircraft alt when in VNAV Approach mode. (enables setting of missed approach altitude during a VNAV approach)

- FIXED clock chrono timer incorrectly restored with situation.
- FIXED Speed trend vector sometimes inop.
- FIXED issues with the Level-D menu items display.
- CHANGED the "please wait while engines start ..." textbox by an FS-style line text.
- CHANGED Engravity driver removed from standard gauge. Engravity users must now download alternate gauge from website.
- CHANGED the ground request menu has been replaced by an FSX ATC-style dialog box.
- NEW GPWS Glideslope audible warning rate modified based on altitude.
- NEW a new dialog box for importing the proposed fuel from the 767 Configuration Manager Load Sheet has been added.

- FIXED engine fan animation (Since fan animation is alway idle).
- FIXED spoilers deploy timing  when touch down (Previous mdl's spoiler deploy when aircraft is bit floating).
- FIXED deleted antennas shadow on the fuselage because SATcom anttena shadow will appear on the no satcom model fuselage.
- CHANGED LVLD_strobe.fx to avoid double flash of the default strobe effect.
- NEW nosewheel movement synced with fs2crew tiller.
- FIXED daytime overhead illumination resolution and brightness.
- FIXED windshield bloom effect removed.

767-SP2 for FSX Service Pack 2 (release 1.4.2):

- FIXED hard alt restrictions near destination would cause error in descent profile under certain conditions.
- FIXED FMC would ignore waypoint alt restrictions in the climb when the climb phase covered a very long distance.
- FIXED saving "STAR to runway transitions" in the FMC was inoperative.
- NEW added code to avoid saving destination runway as part of STAR-Runway transitions
- NEW added code to compensate for missing runway and vectors waypoint altitudes in XML procedure files.

- FIXED MCP altitude was not being honoured during VNAV approach submode
- NEW added depiction of vectors legs to EHSI
- NEW FSUIPC no longer required for the Level-D software.

- Look in the Gauges\LVLD folder in FSX for an alternate B767at.gau file in FSX_Engravity_Driver_1.4.2.zip. Simply unzip it to the same location overwriting the current gauge.

767-SP2a for FSX Service Pack 2a (release 1.4.2a):

- FIXED Pushback dialog not displayed in full screen mode
- FIXED "About box" now displays "release 1.4.2a"
- NEW added an "abort" option in ground request menu

767 for FSX
Pegasus FMC descent behavior

The descent logic in the FSX version of the 767 has changed quite a bit from what you're used to in FS9.  This was done to simulate the behaviour of the Pegasus version of the FMC, which differs quite a bit from earlier models.  Below is a quick point description of the logic.

VNAV descent logic for PEGASUS FMC

ON Path
 within speed limits and alt limits
  Pitch mode = VNAV PTH; AT mode = throttle drops to IDLE, then enters HOLD
  idle descent phase Speed limits +/- 15 knots, up to Mmo/Vmo-11 knots or down to speed protection
  past idle phase    Speed limits +/- 10 knots, up to Mmo/Vmo-11 knots or down to speed protection

 overspeed reverts to:
  Pitch mode = VNAV SPD; AT mode = IDLE to HOLD, aircraft pitches to VNAV speed

 underspeed reverts to:
  Pitch mode = VNAV PATH; AT mode = SPD, aircraft throttles up to maintain min speed
  THRUST_REQUIRED message if AT is disengaged

Above path* (speed window closed):
  Pitch mode = VNAV SPD; AT mode = IDLE to Hold,
  aircraft pitches to VNAV speed + 15 (limited by Mmo/Vmo-11 knots)
Below path* (speed window closed):
  Pitch mode = VNAV SPD AT mode = SPD, aircraft pitches to -1250fpm
  thrust added to maintain VNAV speed

In VNAV PATH descent opening the MCP speed window results in the pitch mode changing to VNAV SPD. The aircraft leaves the path and pitches to MCP SPD. Programmed not below altitudes will be honored if encountered, however speed constraints will not.
VNAV “Approach” sub mode.

This non-annunciated sub mode becomes active when inside 25nm, or past the first WPT of an approach, or if the runway is the active WYPT, or FLAPS down. In this sub mode when the MCP Speed window is opened the FMC remains in VNAV PATH, with A/T maintaining MCP speed. This approach mode allows VNAV to be used with speed intervention on approach. (We model the option in which this mode also engages whenever flaps are selected.)

*Above path / Below path means more than +/- 500 ft

FSX Versions and Information

Just to clear up any confusion about the various FSX versions that are out there.  Tongue

FSX program files (Listed in order of release date)

1. FSX Original boxed release version (Standard or Deluxe). Simconnect 10.0.60905.0
Information: http://www.microsoft.com/games/pc/flightsimulatorx.aspx

2. FSX-SP1 Service Patch 1 Simconnect 10.0.61355.0
Download from here: http://www.fsinsider.com/downloads/Pages/FlightSimulatorXServicePack1.aspx

NOTE: You may need to download and install the new VS 2005 SP1 redistributable file http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=200b2fd9-ae1a-4a14-984d-389c36f85647

3. ACCELERATION or XPACK (Expansion Pack) Simconnect 10.0.61637.0
Boxed release. Add-on to FSX.
Information: http://www.microsoft.com/games/pc/fsxacceleration.aspx

4. FSX-SP2 Service Patch 2 Simconnect 10.0.61259.0
Download from here: http://www.fsinsider.com/downloads/Pages/FlightSimulatorXServicePack2.aspx

FSX installations
You can have any of these combinations installed before installing the 767.

1. FSX & FSX-SP1
2. FSX & FSX-SP1 & XPACK (Acceleration)
3. FSX & FSX-SP1 & FSX-SP2 <--- preferred installation for 767

NOTE You cannot install FSX-SP2 and FSX-XPACK on your system. It is ONE of the OTHER.

Once you have FSX & SPs installed, download & install the 767.

Download the 767
The up to date version of the 767 is SP2a.
Download from here: http://net1.100megabyte.com/LVLD-763-FSX-With-SP2a.exe

Before you install the 767

1. If you have the preferred installation for 767 FSX & FSX-SP1& FSX-SP2 installed, there is nothing left to do. Install the 767-SP2a.

2. If you have chosen to run the FSX & FSX-SP1 installation, you will need to download a 767-SP1 module: http://www.leveldsim.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=11895&file=LVLD-DLL-SimConnect-1.zip
The Level-D 767 is configured for FSX Service Pack 2. If for some reason you do not have FSX Service Pack 2 installed, there is an alternate module that will allow this product to work with FSX Service Pack 1. In the download below, you will see an alternate LVLD.DLL file that will allow this product to work if you only have FSX Service Pack 1. The best thing to do is rename the current LVLD.DLL to something like LVLD.BAK, and then you can extract the SP1 compatible DLL from the zip file making sure it is in your Modules folder.

3. If you have chosen to run the FSX & FSX-SP1 & XPACK installation, note that there are several 767 systems "anomalies" or "bugs" that are present in the FSX-XPACK (Acceleration). No timeline for a fix is available. If you are willing to live with the 767-XPACK workarounds... Install the 767-SP2a.

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